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About Us is an initiative of to promote organic farming and motivation for organic farming among farmers.   The website’s primary focus would be to provide its readers with relevant information regarding organic farming, farmers, equipments, and fertilizers as well as provide tips for kitchen and terrace farming etc.


“To contribute to the success of organic farming and promote a strong, sustainable, and united organic farming fraternity around the world.”


Our mission is to increase awareness among people about sustainable cultivation and production of food by organic farming.  Organic farming combines innovation, tradition, and science to sustain the health of soil and ecosystem; through our medium, we will facilitate active participation of organic farming experts and people to improve livelihoods and food security.

Our Values

  • Value local expertise and innovation
  • Promote sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Enhance environmental quality by soil and water conservation
  • Build trust, relationship, and strong interdependent communities.
  • Passion
  • Provide opportunities and promote participation.